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 When we founded Cloze we had a simple motto that has guided us since day one: people come first, everything else is secondary. This human centric view should be no different for businesses.

From a customer perspective, would you rather engage with a nameless faceless brand account, or with a real person? Simply put, to be more human, companies need to involve more humans. And this means expanding the use of social media to the rest of the organization, not just those nameless faceless company branded accounts that marketing run.

Today we are launching to help keep the best content flowing both inside and outside your organization. Finding the right piece of content to Tweet or what to say is typically the first barrier to using social media for business. lets marketers mobilize their coworkers on social media by provideing a steady flow of relevent content that any employee can share on their own social networks. is team sharing made simple.

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There aren’t many tools for marketers to effectively arm the rest of your organization with up-to-the-minute fresh and personally-relevant content. So non-marketers can engage their own networks on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without spending lots of time to find all their own content, or sounding like a corporate shill.

This is where, comes in – filling the gap between the high-end social media tools used to manage corporate brands and the consumer tools used by individuals to casually engage in social media. lets you:

  • immediately share social content your team finds with the rest of the organization
  • make any piece of content easily redistributable out to employees’ own social networks with only one click
  • get employees engaged in (relevant) public conversations while they are still fresh makes the content that marketing creates and curates easily shareable by the rest of the organization. No training, downloads or complex sign-up are required.

Marketers get new engagement, amplification and measurement. Non-marketers get a steady feed of relevant content, saving them time and helping them build their personal brand. Everyone gets deeps analytics into the results. is free to try.

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