Share articles and pages you read with coworkers, clients, and friends.!

Super simple internal newsletters that makes sharing on social a breeze

We all tend to share articles and pages we read with coworkers, clients, and friends.

But when we share a link by email, let’s be honest, if you really hoped a lot of people would read or share it you’ve probably been pretty disappointed. It’s just too much of a pain for them – especially if you’re asking them to do it on a daily or weekly basis. And, forget about convincing them to keep another app open on their desktop or mobile. How it works

We’ve designed to make it a joy to read and share. With a single click you can customize and redistribute any piece of content out to your coworkers, clients or friends as a beautiful, clean email.

And, for them, it’s readable right in their email and has a single big button: share. There’s no sign-up process, no hoops to jump through, and no training required. What they see is just like this page.

See the buttons that say “Share” and “Email” in the upper right? Go ahead click on them. You’ll see how easy it is for anyone to share a circulation. Email it to yourself to see what it looks like.

What’s next? Why not send your own circulation? Or, sign up for a free trial to try for your team or company.

We’d love to hear you feedback.

Happy Circulating,
Dan and Alex

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