What’s new in Cloze 2.0

We are excited to unveil our latest version of Cloze and slew of new features.

This release brings team sharing to Cloze. On social media we all find nuggets of content that are unique and relevant. With Cloze, now you can pool them together, so everyone on your team can learn, privately discuss and publicly reshare — all with a single tap.

On the email side, we’ve added open and link click notifications for mail sent from Cloze – so you’ll know exactly when someone opens your message. And best of all, it works on both web and mobile for every email service.

And, we’ve updated the iPhone, iPad and web app to provide the same functionality as you move across your devices for a truly seamless experience.

New Social Features

We’ve expanded how you can use Cloze to stay on top of what’s happening with your most important relationships.

  • Privately share social media you discover with your team – Cloze helps you catch more of the posts that matter by working as a team. Every piece of content can be reshared with native controls for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Privately discuss social media as a team – Some things are best kept private. With Cloze you can privately discuss anything you discover on social media with your just team.
  • Import Twitter and Facebook lists – Have you already curated a list of people on Twitter or Facebook? Now you can import these lists into Cloze.
  • Share a Cloze List with just your team – Lists of people to follow are now privately shareable within any team you create on Cloze. Unlike Twitter lists, you can share Cloze lists without having to make them open to the world.
  • Life Event tracking – Cloze now tracks more than just job changes and work experience updates. You’ll see updates like birth announcements, marriages, engagements, location changes and many more.
  • Social Mention tracking – This new list tracks every time you are mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn in a conversation.

Email Features

Now you can see who opened your emails or clicked on any link within your emails sent from the Cloze on iPhone or iPad or Cloze on the web.

  • Email open notifications – get instantly notified when a recipient opens your email on your iPhone, iPad or through your browser.
  • Email link click notifications – get instantly notified when a recipient clicks on a link in your email
  • HTML email send and reply – Whether you’re on the web or on a mobile device, you can send richly formatted emails, and attach documents or photos as well.

Try the all new Cloze on iPhone, iPad or Web today!


And on your Desktop


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