Talk to Cloze with Siri, iCloud Reminders and Smart Agenda Linking

Today we are introducing two new personal assistant features for Cloze: Smart Agenda Linking and support for Siri and iCloud Reminders. Our new Smart Agenda Linking uses AI and natural language processing to automatically find references to people and companies in the subject or body of to-dos and meetings.

iCloud Reminders now sync directly into Cloze and appear on the Agenda too.

Smart Agenda Linking

Cloze automatically links people mentioned in calendar meetings (like Google Calendar, Office 365 calendar, Exchange and others) and to-dos (like iCloud Reminders). For example, a Google Calendar meeting named “Meet Monica Hall for lunch” will automatically link to Monica Hall in Cloze without inviting her to the meeting.

Cloze Smart Linking - Calendar subject line mentions a person
















Smart Agenda Linking currently supports English, French, German, and Spanish with more languages coming in the future.

Siri and iCloud Reminders

Cloze now supports iCloud Reminders so you can set reminders using Siri or through the Reminders app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and they will sync onto the Cloze Agenda. Reminders are bidirectional so if you reschedule or mark an iCloud Reminder as done in Cloze it will be update in iCloud automatically and vice versa.

With the combination of Smart Agenda Linking, Siri and iCloud Reminders you can say, “Hey Siri, remind me to call Dave Varenos at 10am on Thursday” and Cloze will automatically link to Dave and remind you on the Agenda.

iCloud Reminder

Cloze Smart Linking - iCloud Reminder mentions a person

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