New sorting options, log postal mail, dotloop beta, mandatory fields and more

We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping your spirits up. Things will return to normal. If there’s any way we can help, you can reach out to us at In the sprit of trying to return closer to “normal,” see below for details of our latest updates.

More Webinars

We’ve heard from many Cloze customers that, while business is slow, they want to use the time to do more and deeper training for their teams – so that when business recovers they will be ready.

So, we’ve added more dates to our Live Q&A Office hours and more webinars on a variety of topics, please see the times and register using these links:

Features, Tips and Office Hours

  • Tips for Organizing Contacts in Cloze [Register Here]
  • Deep Dive on Cloze Mail Features [Register Here]
  • Cloze Office Hours – Live Q&A [Register Here

Real Estate Industry Focused

  • Getting Started with Cloze for Real Estate [Register Here]
  • Increasing Referrals and Repeat Clients with Cloze [Register Here]
  • Never Let a Lead Slip Through the Cracks with Cloze [Register Here]

As a reminder, the weekly “Cloze Office Hours” session is an open, Q&A format session – simply bring your questions and our product experts will provide detailed answers.

Sort by What’s New and Untouched

Quickly find newly created contacts with whom you have not talked with yet.

The What’s New and Untouched sorting option shows you all of the people who have been newly created in Cloze that you have not yet contacted. 

Use this sort to help you quickly identify new contacts that have synced into Cloze from connected accounts (e.g. Google Contacts, iPhone or Android Contacts) so you can easily organize them and reach out.

Learn more about this new sorting option.

Set Preferred Contact Information

Set a preferred addresses for work or personal and overall preferred for email, phone and postal addresses. The preferred email address is used for Mail Merges and when syncing to other systems like MailChimp, ActivePipe and Rezora.

Learn More:

  • Set Preferred Email Address
  • Set Preferred Phone Number
  • Set Preferred Postal Address

Log a Postal Mailing

You can now log a postal mailing for one or many of your contacts. When you use this option, a timeline event will be created.

dotloop Beta

Our dotloop integration is now in beta and available for early access, please email us at to learn more or join!

With your dotloop account connected to Cloze, you can easily track clients from their initial inquiry through to closing. You’ll use Cloze to build and maintain the client relationship from lead to transaction and beyond—when the transaction process starts, simply create a loop from Cloze to track all of the necessary documents and tasks in dotloop.

Cloze will sync people to dotloop, and pull in tasks and files from dotloop so you’ll always have everything you need in both apps. 

  • Syncs Cloze contacts to dotloop loops
  • Create new loops from Cloze Properties (Listings)
  • Syncs dotloop loop tasks into Cloze
  • Syncs dotloop documents into Cloze

Personalize each Mail Merge message before sending

While sending a Mail Merge email tap on the Send button and then select each person you wish to customize. You can edit the email message for each person included in the Mail Merge email.

Anniversary Field Reminders

New two-month and three-month reminder options.

These new features are available immediately on and coming soon to the iOS and Android apps.

Mandatory Fields

Cloze can now prompt you to enter information with mandatory fields.

And enforces the mandatory field when converting a Lead.

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