New inbox AI, smarter notes and expanded reminder options (September 2018)

Today we are releasing all new apps for iOS, Android and desktop (

We’ve added more AI to your inbox so you won’t miss important messages — Cloze finds messages in your inbox that you would usually reply to – if you haven’t it adds them as a reminder to your Cloze Agenda automatically.

You’ll also see features specifically designed to take advantage of iOS 12’s hardware accelerated AI: As you are typing a built-in note, Cloze uses AI to detect names of people and automatically link the note to them. And when you are entering a quick note, we classify what you are typing as a note, a todo, a record of a call/text/meeting, etc. automatically as you type.

We’re also previewing some new features that will be part of our upcoming Cloze Business Gold Plan. In the coming weeks we will be expanding our offering with new plans that include sub-teams, team member archiving, extended administrator controls and more. If you are interested in trying any of these new features please reach out to

This new release is available immediately for both Cloze Pro and Cloze Business on iOS (supports iOS 12 and earlier), Android and desktop (

Smart Reply Reminders

New Cloze AI finds messages in your inbox that you would usually reply to—if you haven’t it adds them to your Agenda. Cloze uses a deep learning model to predict whether you would likely respond to email messages you receive.

Quick Note Instant Predictions

As you add quick notes on iOS 12, Cloze uses AI to automatically classify what you type as a note, a todo, a record of a call/text/meeting, etc.


Smart Notes

With built-in notes on iOS 12, as you type, Cloze uses AI to detect names of people and link the note to them automatically.


Birthday Reminders

Cloze now adds birthday reminders to your Agenda, and you can swipe right to quickly send a birthday note using Cloze’s template system.

Preview of new Gold Plan features

  • Deal and Project Partner tracking – Link partners to your Deals and Projects to track who you’re working with. Learn more about Partner tracking here.
  • Recurring Date Fields – You can set an annual reminder on any date field and add a custom template to make reaching out easy when the reminder comes due (for example, an annual policy renewal). Learn more about recurring date fields here.

We’ve also made many refinements

  • Support for iOS 12.
  • Every message, person, project, deal and report now has a unique URL you can use to refer back to Cloze from other apps. Simply copy the URL you see in the browser.
  • You can now swipe To Dos to the right on the Agenda to call or email the person.
  • Cloze now automatically removes duplicate profile images.
  • Tap on a “re” entry to go right to that Person, Company, Project or Deal.
  • For emails that have been saved for later on the Agenda, Cloze will now display the profile image for the person in the “to” line of the email instead of the person with the highest Cloze Score found in the CC or BCC line of an email.
  • New Team Members section lets a Cloze Business administrator make bulk changes to multiple team members at the same time (e.g. change their role).
  • Fix for bulleted and numbered lists in Hebrew
  • New syncing indicator on mobile
  • Support force touch wherever tap-and-hold was supported (in addition)
  • If the Meetup profile is set for a person in Cloze you can now tap/click-through to their Meetup profile.
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