Mail Merge enhancements, dotloop integration, account delegation and more

As we all adjust to the “new normal” of every day business we hope you are staying safe and keeping your spirits up. We’re continuing to operate fully on all fronts.

We’ve added several new features and enhancements to Cloze—all are available immediately on iOS, Android and desktop (

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Mail Merge Enhancements

Scheduled Mail Merges 

You can now schedule a Mail Merge email to be sent in the future. Tap on the schedule icon to set when you would like your email to be sent.

Add spouses and other related people to Mail Merge recipients 

While reviewing your Mail Merge you now have the option to add spouses, children and other related people to the TO, BC and BCC line of your email. Cloze will include people from the reference fields in the recipients’ profiles. 

Learn more about adding spouses to Mail Merge emails.

Increased Limit Mail Merge Sending Limit

We doubled the selection limit—you can now include up to 500 contacts in a single Mail Merge email.

Account Delegation 

Enable another Cloze user to access your account by switching from their own Cloze account to yours. This feature is especially helpful if you have more than one Cloze account and want to quickly switch between them or would like to provide full access to your account to another team member.

Learn more about delegating access to your Cloze account.


Thank you for participating in our beta program. Our dotloop integration is now generally available to all Cloze users on the Gold and Platinum Plans.

With your dotloop account connected to Cloze, you can easily track clients from their initial inquiry through to closing. You’ll use Cloze to build and maintain the client relationship from lead to transaction and beyond—when the transaction process starts, simply create a loop from Cloze to track all of the necessary documents and tasks in dotloop.

Cloze will sync people to dotloop, and pull in tasks and files from dotloop so you’ll always have everything you need in both apps. 

  • Connect Cloze to dotloop
  • Syncs Cloze contacts to dotloop loops
  • Create new loops from Cloze Properties (Listings)
  • Syncs dotloop loop tasks into Cloze
  • Syncs dotloop documents into Cloze

Prompt to add contact information

If the contact information icon is grayed out (e.g. the map icon is grayed out) you can now tap to add the information.

Mark Custom Fields to apply to all segments (even Personal Segments)

With this new option set on a Custom Field the field will be applied to all Segments (even Personal Segments created by team members on their own).

Show people that have made inquiries, have done viewings, etc. for deals, projects and listings

Tap on the More Options icon within a deal, project or listing to view people that have made inquires, have done viewings and other activity measures.

And easily send a Mail Merge email to follow-up on all of your Open House leads.

New Team Role Permissions

Require SSO for login

When enabled this new role permission will only allow users to login using Single Sign On (SSO).

Redact Shared Timelines

When enabled this new role permission hides the subject and body of shared timeline communication.

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