Focused People, MLS Listings feeds, and more

Focused People, Companies and Deals

Cloze brings together all of your contacts, automatically creating one view of everyone you know and work with. But, sometimes the people you want to focus on (clients, customers, etc.) aren’t the same as the people you spend the most time with (coworkers, friends, family, etc.). This can happen especially when you connect a personal account to Cloze.

With this release we’re introducing a Focused view for People, Companies and Deals (Project, Listings, etc..). The new Focused view lets you easily keep who and what’s most important separate from the rest.

You control exactly which People, Companies and Deals show up in your Focused view based on Stage, Segment or Tag.

This new release is available immediately on iOSAndroid and desktop (

Search, view, and match real estate MLS listings to your clients

Cloze connects to your MLS so you can search, view, and match real estate MLS listings to your clients. In a few taps you can send your matched listings in a beautifully formatted email using your real email account.

With support for all the major MLS standards connecting your local MLS is fast and easy. Reach out to to learn more.

Draw an area on a map to narrow the location for listing matching

Cloze offers exact ZIP code matching, location radius matching and now you can draw on a map to define your search area. Drawing on a map is perfect for those hard to define neighborhoods.

You can draw custom shapes with your finger or mouse to search for matching listings in a region of your choice

We’ve also made many refinements

  • New Sorting Options – Sort by “What’s Past Due” in the People, Company or Project/Deal/Job/Property sections. 
  • Keywords are now called Tags! – We changed the name to better match the terminology used by other apps and services. We also added a faster way to add Tags directly from the profile screen
  • Rezora enhancements 
    • Import Rezora contacts into Cloze. 
    • Create Rezora Distribution Lists based on Cloze Stages, Segments and Tags. 
  • Custom Range Fields – Range-based custom fields.
  • Household field – New option to store the household name in a person’s profile for use with mailing labels. Cloze uses the household name when generating mailing labels and to remove duplicates at the same address. 
  • Stricter Sub Team Sharing Permission – New permission that prevents sharing of Stage, Segment, or Tag information across Sub Teams.  
  • Redesigned Relationship Section – New visual cues and color scheme for consistency across the app

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