Faster Email and Social Triage with Cloze for iPhone and iPad

We’ve heard you! This release adds the compact, scrolling list view of messages you’ve been asking for combined with new, speedy swipe gestures for faster triage – and keeps what you love: one inbox for mail and social, focused on the people that matter most.


NEW on the iPhone and iPad:

  • Swipe a message to reply, save for later or archive.
  • Swipe a person to archive all messages from them.
  • Pinch a page to archive an entire list of messages.
  • Automatically archive messages on reply.
  • Toggle like and favorite with a single touch.
  • Change app badge count (Key People or All Mail).

NEW on iPad:

  • Show Cloze’s newspaper-like view in portrait mode.
  • Change between newspaper or list views in settings.

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