Introducing Engagement Analytics (April 2017)

Cloze Analytics Activity Tracking

Our new release adds Engagement Analytics for faster decision-making.

Activity Analytics help you understand where you are spending your time. Is it with existing Clients or Leads? On the phone or sending emails? With VPs or Managers. Activity Analytics will tell you.

Pipeline Analytics help you quickly spot the Deals and Projects that are making progress and those that have stalled. If you have a Deal that is supposed to close this quarter, but engagement is low, you’ll know exactly where to dig in—you can easily drill down to see the details of ongoing conversations.

Lead Analytics helps you zero-in on the leads that are moving forward and those where engagement is low. Want to know which leads are not getting the attention they deserve? Lead Analytics shows you.

Engagement Analytics are available for both Cloze Pro and Cloze Business on iOS, Android and desktop ( Team Admins and Managers can view analytics team-wide or filter by team member to see the full details.

The new Engagement Analytics also provide the ability to filter by Stage, Segment, Custom Field, Time Period, and team member. For example you can see pipeline engagement for each lead source.

Activity Analytics

  • Activity Analytics – See how you’ve been spending your time. Are you spending more time with CxOs or VPs? Leads or existing customers? Activity analytics can tell you.
    Learn more about Activity Analytics.
  • Team Leaderboard – Want to know which team members are pulling their weight? The Leaderboard shows a list of your team members on Cloze and ranks their activity by four categories: Sent Mail, Calls Made, Meetings, and Email Opens.
    Learn more about the Team Leaderboard. 

Cloze Analytics Quarterly Trend by Role

Pipeline Analytics

  • Pipeline Engagement – Looking for an objective view of your pipeline? Wondering where you can help your team? Engagement Analytics highlight the Deals and Projects that are truly on track with strong participation from the clients involved—and those that are fading and need attention.
    Learn more about Pipeline Engagement Analytics.

Cloze Analytics Engagement Pipeline Need Your Attention

  • Forecast – Derived from your Potential Deals and Projects the forecast report shows your  cumulative value, timing and top deals. See how your forecast has changed over time and what’s flowing in the right direction.
    Learn more about Forecast Reporting.

Cloze Analytics Forecast Change Past Due

Lead Analytics

  • Lead Engagement – Are some of your leads getting lost in the shuffle? Lead Analytics highlight leads that are advancing and those that are going stale. Reports show untouched Leads, Lead source, their age, last contact and Next Steps all in a single view.
    Learn more Lead Engagement Analytics.

Cloze Analytics Lead Analytics Flow

Filter the timeline of your People, Companies, Projects and Deals

  • You can filter the timeline of interactions for a person, company, project or deal by email, calls, meetings and others items to narrow the view as needed.
    Learn more about filter your timelines.

Cloze Bot for RingCentral Glip

  • Have you ever posted on Glip something like “Has anyone talked with…[pick a name]?” With your team on Cloze and RingCentral Glip you you don’t need to bug anyone – Simply ask Cloze Bot for Glip and you’ll know.
    Learn more about Cloze Bot for RingCentral Glip.

We’ve also made many refinements



  • Email the top people at a company with a single click.
  • Custom email “From Names”.
  • New Cloze Inbox read versus unread email design.


  • Export Team Projects or Deals.
  • Export Team People.


  • Open Evernote or OneNote in a web browser instead of their app.
  • Set Cloze as your default email client in web browsers.
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