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We are happy to announce that Cloze® Pro, our new relationship management application for independent professionals and small business owners, is now available for Android on Google Play™. Cloze Pro eliminates the tedious tasks required from traditional relationship management tools by automatically tracking a user’s complete history of interactions with each of their contacts across email, phone calls, meetings, social media and notes. The application uses data science to learn who is important and prompt users when it is time to nurture a relationship. Cloze Pro is immediately available for free on Google Play for tablet and smartphone for any device running Kit Kat (Android 4.4) and on the web at Users can subscribe to the premium features for $19.99 per user per month or $159.99 per user year.


Cloze Pro for Android

Cloze pulls information from a user’s email, calendars, social media, phone and notes to automatically create one, consolidated view of every person and company they know. This profile view includes contact details and their complete history with each of their contacts including emails back and forth, calls together, meetings, notes on Evernote, documents exchanged and interactions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

With everything in one place, Cloze leverages advanced data science to figure out who is important and keeps them top of mind. Cloze will also remind users to reach out to a contact and refresh a fading relationship. Cloze algorithms have been trained and fine-tuned with the analysis of billions of messages sent among hundreds of millions of contacts

Cloze Pro offers users all of the features available in the free Cloze app, plus more:

No More Data Entry

  • Phone call logging – Log phone calls automatically by connecting a US mobile phone account
  • Unlimited email accounts – Connect all professional and personal email accounts
  • Meeting context – Get the context before a meeting with a single view of every interaction with meeting attendees
  • Company views – See the complete history with a company without any setup
  • Document tracking – Enjoy quick access view of recently exchange documents
  • Enrich contacts from email signatures – Cloze automatically finds contact information so users can add it to a contact record with a single tap
  • Evernote – Cloze analyzes the content of notes to find out what people and companies a note refers to, so it can automatically link the note to the right contact
  • Business card scanning – Scan business cards with Evernote and they are automatically added to Cloze

Smart Reminders

  • Stay-in-touch reminders – Cloze automatically detects a fading relationship and prompts users when it is time to reach out
  • Follow-up reminders – Reminds users if someone does not respond to an email
  • Email open tracking – Get notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link in a sent email

Agenda View

  • Agenda view – one place to see meetings, reminders, follow-ups, and alerts
  • Morning briefing – morning email with everything a user needs to know about their upcoming day and what they might have missed from the day before

Easily Filter and Search 

  • Search for contacts the way you think – “VPs in the Big Apple”, “marketers at IBM”, “customers in Boston”
  • Power Filters – Filter contacts, email and social by customers, prospects, people and companies

One view of a customer 

  • Integrate Cloze with other apps – Users can also connect other services, such as billing, customer service, project management and more with Cloze’s API
  • Import or export contacts – easily import or export contacts in common formats
  • Embed Cloze in other apps – add information stored in Cloze to enrich the experience of other apps



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