Cloze 3.1 – Smart Contact Management and Support for iOS 8

Cloze 3.1 Profile Screens

This release brings an overhaul to our core contact management capabilities.

From the beginning, Cloze has a done a significant amount of work behind the scenes to find, match and create organized contact profiles across all the people you know on email and social media—to give you a prioritized, people-centric view of your messages.

Now with version 3.1 of Cloze we’ve elevated this core contact management functionality. Your contacts are organized by how most of us think, rather than just an alphabetical list. You can see who you’ve just met, when you last talked or search by your strongest relationship. You can even search for things like “CEOs and VPs in the Big Apple” or “lives in Boston”.

And it’s all automatic – drawing fresh information from social and email. With a few tricks too. If we see a new phone number or social handle in an email signature will grab it and give you the option to add it to the contact in a single tap. No more cutting and pasting.

You can download Cloze in the App Store and Play Store today. And find it on the web too at

Here is the full list of features we’ve added to this release:

  • Search for contacts the way you think (“VPs in the Big Apple”, “marketers at IBM”)
  • Enriches contacts from email signatures
  • Sort contacts by when you first met, when you last talked, and distance from you
  • New contact profile design with larger pictures, recent mail, and social moments
  • Swipe to call, text or email from contact lists
  • Manually add, delete, or merge contacts
  • Improved email composer and contact search
  • Custom lists now for email too
  • Delete (move to trash) for email is here
  • Shake to undo an archive or delete
  • iPad: lookup contact details and old mail side-by-side while writing new mails
  • Support for iOS8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Landscape view for all iPhone models
  • Two-column view on iPhone 6 Plus
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