Automatically Track iPhone Text Messages and Calls in Cloze

We’ve added many new features so far in 2020 (please see below for a webinar replay that recaps what’s new), but the feature we’re most excited to announce is that Cloze can now automatically track iPhone text messages. With no manual logging or data entry, Cloze automatically tracks all of your business communications across calls, texts, calendar meetings and email.

The new Cloze Call and Text Sync App for iOS runs on your computer and acts as a conduit between your iPhone and Cloze to automatically log your calls and text messages.

Not only can it track text messages, but it can also automatically log any call made with your iPhone on any carrier worldwide, WhatsApp or VoIP service. Even if you use a carrier other than Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint this new feature enables you to log your calls automatically.

This Cloze feature automatically logs:

  • iPhone messages (SMS and iMessage)
  • WhatsApp messages and calls
  • Phone calls made with your iPhone (any carrier worldwide, VoIP, FaceTime, WhatsApp and more)

Phone call syncing is available on all paid plans and trials. Message syncing is available with the Business Gold and Business Platinum plans.

How does the app work?

The app creates an encrypted iPhone backup on your computer, and then syncs with this backup to automatically log your phone calls and text messages. The phone backup remains on your computer and only phone calls and text messages are synced to Cloze.

What types of messages does it support?

The Call and Text Sync App for iOS supports SMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages – both one-to-one and group chats. Cloze will not sync photos or attachments you exchange via text.

The app will sync your entire history of available messages, as far back in time as are available on your phone. Going forward all new messages will be synced to Cloze and logged. Even if you lose your device or can’t restore from backup you won’t lose your messages.

What types of phone calls does it support?

The app supports phone calls with any phone carrier, VoIP service, and even calls done with apps such as WhatsApp. Regardless of your geographic location, calls can now be automatically tracked with the Cloze Call and Text Sync app. As long as the call shows up in your iPhone’s built-in Phone App’s call history, it will be synced to Cloze.

You’ll use your existing phone number too. Cloze is the only CRM that works with your existing phone and apps to log all incoming and outgoing calls and messages without needing a new phone number or paying extra per call or message.

Getting Started

The new Cloze Call and Text Sync App for iOS run on Mac or Windows PC. Below are instructions for each operating systems.

  • Mac
  • Windows PC

Tap on the button to download the app

Download App

By installing the app you accept Cloze’s
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Recent enhancements


  • More frequent keep-in-touch schedule – New one and two day KIT schedule settings.
  • New light “mono” mode – This mode uses blue as its primary color.
  • Share Home Contact Information – When you share a person with your team you now have an option to share personal (home) contact information by default. 
  • Automatically accept contact updates – Enable this new setting to automatically accept suggested contact updates.


  • Select 500 contacts at once – Improved ability to select many contacts at once. Tap on the check mark in the bulk action menu to select up to 500 contacts at once.
  • New “Skip” search – If you do a bulk action (like send a Mail Merge) on the first 500 people, you can enter a search term “skip 500” to remove those from the results and show the next 500 results (it works for any number: skip 2, skip 1500, etc.).
  • Create a new tag name from the bulk change menu – You can now create a new tag from the bulk change menu when selecting contacts in the People section.  

Team Sharing

  • Redact Shared Timelines – When enabled this new role permission hides the subject and body of shared timeline communication.
  • Independent Customization Role Setting – With this new Role setting the user manages their own customizations. The team customizations are not shared with them. 

Projects / Properties / Deals

  • Increased the number of days back to show people that have done inquiries, viewings, etc. for deals, projects and listings – tap on the More Options icon within a deal, project or listing to view people that done inquires, viewings and other activity measures. You can now filter the view on last 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days.

What’s new in the first half of 2020

In the first half of 2020 we added many new features and enhancements. For a complete recap please watch our webinar replay below.

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